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ReStore Opportunities for Groups

Thank you for your interest in having your group volunteer at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

We schedule groups on a first come first served basis.  Schedules are made 4 times each year as shown below.

Date Scheduling Begins

Build Quarter

Beginning of December

1st Quarter (January – March)

Beginning of March

2nd Quarter (April – June)

Beginning of June

3rd Quarter (July-September)

Beginning of September

4th Quarter (October – December)

How do we get started?

How many volunteers can we bring?
We limit the group size to 10.  In addition to your group there will be staff members, community service workers, and individual volunteers at the store. This may result in 15-20 volunteers at any given point throughout the day.  Let us know ahead of time how many volunteers will be participating.

What will I be doing in the store?
Our tasks vary. You may be receiving donations in our back warehouse, cleaning and organizing the store, putting out priced items, picking up donations throughout Pitt County with our truck driver, or assisting cashiers in the cash register area.

Is there an age limitation?
You must be at least 16 years old to work at the store.

How should I dress?
We ask that you wear appropriate t-shirts, collared (polo) shirts, jeans, shorts, or khakis.  You are also required to wear closed shoes; preferably tennis shoes or work boots because we often move around heavy furniture and major appliances.

What skills are needed?
No specific skills are required to work in the store.

What if our group wants to continue volunteering after our initial workday?
If your group wants to continue volunteering regularly (at least once each quarter), please contact our Volunteer Coordinator and ask to be added to our Regular Group list.  As a Regular Group you would receive priority for scheduling each quarter.  Individual group members are welcome to return at any time.

Who is responsible if someone gets hurt while working at Habitat?
Each Habitat volunteer must sign a Volunteer Waiver form agreeing to take personal responsibility for any accidents or injuries on the job.  Your and your group’s personal health insurance plan should cover the individual while engaged in volunteer work; however, each volunteer should verify that he or she has this type of coverage prior to signing the Release form.

Are there other things that our group can do?
Yes!  There are group opportunities for Construction Groups.  Groups are also need to help staff special events like the annual Home Run 5K Race (spring) and the annual First Mortgage Corporation BBQ Luncheon (fall).  Call our Volunteer Coordinator, Brandie Collier, at (252) 758-2947 to make arrangements.

More Information

Someone from our Staff or Board will be glad to meet with your group to provide information about our programs.  This can be arranged either before or after your group volunteers.  It can also be arranged without volunteering, just call our office (252) 758-2947.